It has been said that Marrakech awakens all the senses. Whether it be viewing the intricate zellige mosaic, smelling the various spices sold in the souks, hearing the call to prayer emanating from nearby mosques, touching the supple leather used to make a pair of slippers, or tasting a tasty tagine, Marrakech never fails to excite.

Located west of the Atlas Mountains, the city has been inhabited by Berber farmers for centuries. Nicknamed the "Ocher City" due to the proliferation of red sandstone buildings and the city's red walls, which now enclose the Medina, home to Jemaa el-Fnaa, one of the busiest squares in Africa.

Marrakech is brimming with culture and has inspired visitors for decades. From Yves Saint Laurent to Talitha Getty, from Winston Churchill to Mick Jagger.

Marrakech has attracted great icons of fashion and art who always found inspiration in a city of eternal spirit, as well as in its sweet and beautiful life. Yves Saint Laurent's intimate relationship with this city led to the opening of a museum dedicated to his legendary work.

There are countless ways to immerse yourself in the culture of Marrakech, but perhaps the best place to start is with a simple glass of mint tea. Delve into one of the most charming places on our planet through more than 200 illustrations.

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