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This definitive volume from the house of Chanel takes us into the legacy of the legendary fashion house through three volumes of Mémoire: Chanel Fashion, Chanel Jewelry And Watches, and Chanel Fragrance And Beauty.

Chanel Fashion by Anne Berest:

A visionary self-inventor, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel shaped her own destiny to become the most influential fashion designer of the 20th century.

Rejecting the restrictive styles of the time, she introduced a new silhouette that was both sophisticated and natural.

This spirit of modern luxury and Parisian savoir faire, crafted over decades thanks to the countless innovations of Karl Lagerfeld, continues today with Virginie Viard, the new Creative Director.

Chanel Jewelry And Watches by Fabienne Reybaud:

Eternally inspired and visionary, much like Mademoiselle Chanel's unique "Bijoux de Diamants" high jewelery collection, the Chanel jewelry creation studio expresses the unique spirit that characterized Chanel haute jewelry from 1932 to today.

In the same way, the Chanel Watchmaking Creation Studio, in more than thirty years alone in the adventure of watchmaking, will have touched all the métiers that contribute to the art of haute horlogerie.

Watches conceived as objects of pleasure, without any concession to the technical and artisanal experience necessary to create precious objects. Watches ready to stand the test of time.

Chanel Fragrance And Beauty by Marion Vignal:

With the creation of her groundbreaking Nº5 in 1921, the subsequent launch of her first makeup line in 1924, and shortly after the launch of her skincare products in 1927, Gabrielle Chanel has always been ahead of the game. in good time.

True to this unique heritage, Chanel's fragrances, skincare, and makeup lines have always exemplified excellence in creativity, research, and technique.

Simple and effective, but always elegant, these beauty products are true expressions of the holistic vision of the house of Chanel.

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