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For centuries, the West has been fascinated by the mysterious charm of the Middle East and Asia, captivated by the curious customs, the exotic spices and colors of the bazaars, the romantic atmosphere of the elegant architecture and flowing garments.

In the popular imagination, thoughts about the Orient evoke stories of travel, literature, painting, decorative arts, fashion and cinema that have enchanted us for decades.

More than a style, orientalism is a way of seeing, perceiving, sharing emotions and color palettes.

Historically, the richness of the Orient's lush kaleidoscope of mysteries and perfumes was an antidote to the conservative establishment and ordered rational thought.

From Marco Polo's Book of Wonders to the World of Byron's Turkish tales, from Paul Poiret to Yves Saint Laurent and John Galliano, from Delacroix to British explorer Richard Burton, from Cleopatra to Lawrence of Arabia, Orientalism offers a vision full of dreams, secrets and poetry, a sensual painting scented with incense, interweaving past and present.

This definitive volume traces one of the most influential artistic movements through more than 200 illustrations and explanatory texts.

Hardcover with linen cover.

Texts in English.

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