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One winter night in 1949 in New York, the young marketing student and budding photographer, Walter Chandoha, found an abandoned kitten in the snow, covered him with his coat and took him home. Little could he imagine that he had just met the muse that would guide his life.

Chandoha began to portray his new feline friend, whom he called Loco, and he liked the results so much that he began photographing the mininos of a city shelter. These images were the starting point of an extraordinary career that would last seven decades. Long before the Internet and #castofinstagram, Chandoha, captivated the public with the hairy protagonists of his photographs.

From advertising to greeting cards, through puzzles and food packaging for cats, a genuine affection for animals converged in their images. The glamorous lighting technique of Chandoha, with which the fur of the cats was perfectly defined, laid the foundations of the visual vocabulary of the animal portrait for generations and inspired masters such as Andy Warhol, who followed the example of the charming portraits of Chandoha to illustrate his cat book.


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