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Over the past ten years, Steven Heller and Julius Wiedemann have investigated the evolution of illustration throughout the world.

This definitive volume compiles 100 of the best illustrators of this digital age that we live. Before the mass media transformed our visualization habits, and that we could enjoy texts and images on screens as small as a watch face, the illustrations were the main companions of the printed word.

In the current context, designers and artists remain protagonists. The illustration is more free and varied than ever, and is presented in print and digital media, books, wrappers, clothes, cars and restaurants.

This book pays tribute to the quality, diversity, intensity, comedy, vivacity and exceptional work of today's illustrators. From veteran artists like Brad Holland, whose allusive and metaphorical paintings in the New York Times opinion section revolutionized illustration in the 1970s, to emerging stars like Robin Eisenberg, with their pastel-colored alien beauties aboard spacecrafts in Indie-rock album covers.

The artists of this collection are just, as they say, the tip of the iceberg, but they make up an exciting journey through the styles, techniques and use of the color of creators from around the world.

Discover 600 pages of illustrations and a biography of each artist that details the different experiences and approaches behind each work.

Language: Spanish, English and Italian


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