BAGGU is the famous American brand, based in California, which makes reusable trend bags. Its high functionality, its fabrics with environmental awareness and the practicality of being able to put them in the washing machine again and again make this brand a must.

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BAGGU is the American brand famous for its reusable bags. It was founded in 2007 by Emily Sugihara, who moved to San Francisco in California to organize the incredible studio of the brand where all the magic happens. The mission of BAGGU is to make long-lasting, high-quality bags and when using them we feel good. It is a very transparent brand in terms of the origin of its raw materials, the manufacturing processes and its Eco-ethics in everything that surrounds these two things. In BAGGU they only use three materials: Nylon, Canvas and leather. Nylon, a fabric used in reusable bags, in BAGGU is 100% nylon ripstop. What does this mean? Well, you will never tear the bag. It is a nylon that, although it suffers some hook, will not continue tearing. In addition, nylon is a fabric that can be recycled again and again, and in BAGGU 40% comes from recycled nylon. Canvas, a very resistant 100% cotton fabric, is made of 65% recycled cotton, which is even more environmentally responsible than organic cotton. The leather is produced domestically by a tannery certified to ISO 14001, which controls standards in minimizing environmental impact. We love this brand because 4 times a year it presents new colors and prints, which fit perfectly with the trends of the seasons. Their reusable bags hold more than 25 kilos and like their cotton products, everything can go to the washing machine. Eternal products with a lot of environmental awareness in all their steps.