Traveler's Company
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In 2006, the renowned Japanese stationery brand Midori launched Traveler's Notebook accompanied by five paper parts. It wasn't until 2009 when the Passport version of Traveler's Notebook was introduced.

The following year was when this company star line, began to take shape with the incorporation of pure brass accessories, spiral notebooks and various accessories for this, its star product. In the same year the first "The Traveler's Factory" store opened in Nakemeguro, Tokyo, giving way to multiple flagship stores in airports and stations around Japan.

In 2015, the emblematic line of stationery changed its name from Midori to Traveler's Company, reinforcing the brand spirit and what its products represent.

Traveler's Company offers high-quality, customizable products that adapt to the small trips we take every day. Their leather notebooks allow us to create a world to measure and give free rein to our imagination.