HAY is the Danish brand that was born in 2002 by the hand of Mette and Rolf Hay with the ambition to create objects and furniture that meet the needs of modern life. Its mission is to strive to make a good design available to the majority of the public. They have pieces that are already part of the story, such as the Kaleido trays, the Sowden designs and the Palissade chairs and benches that are part of the most emblematic parks in the world. HAY is encouraged to return to the design of the Danish furniture of the 50s and 60s, but in a contemporary context.

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HAY was born from the hand of a Danish couple in 2002. Mette and Rolf Hay gave birth to their homonymous brand with the ambition to create, through sophisticated industrial manufacturing, furniture that meets the needs of modern life. Its mission, strive to make a good design can be available to the largest possible audience, always with an international appeal. HAY encourages the return to the design of the Danish furniture of great weight within the history of the furniture of the 50s and 60s but in a contemporary context. In the words of Rolf: We want to produce high quality furniture with some of the best designers in the world, at an affordable price. In HAY not only we find furniture, but with the most attractive accessories from very few euros and designed by the best in the world. We can enjoy collections that are already part of history such as Kaleido, the puzzle of trays with geometric shapes that challenge to try new combinations, or designs for  drinks by Sowden. Mette is the calmest of the two willing to talk about any topic, from their two children to the challenges of working together. Rolf is the most energetic, always on the phone, although he relaxes when the topic of conversation revolves around the technical side of design and, like a true nerd of design, enthusiasm becomes visible. HAY is characterized by its inspiration in the stable structures of architecture and the dynamics of fashion, where they manage to combine the values ​​of both industries in an eternal and quality producer that provide an added value to them. We like it for its constant interpretation of its eternal pieces, because they never go out of fashion and for its extreme quality, and unmistakable design, that we can enjoy at home having a coffee, or on our terrace, for a more than reasonable price.