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String is created in 1949 as a result of a contest organized by a Swedish publisher at the time, in which they sought to create a shelf with three basic criteria: affordable, easy to ship and easy to assemble.

Nisse and Kajsa Strinning win the contest and, from there, String was born more than 70 years ago.

A dressing room, the kitchen, a bedside table, the game room, the bathroom, something for the entrance, a solution to organize the storage room, that space under the stairs, the garage...

String has a lightweight appearance and can take up whatever you want. From 15cm, up to 30cm deep. Resting on the ground, or hanging on a wall.

And, in addition to being light, it is very resistant.

String grows and changes with you. Starting from the simplest composition, String can grow as large as you want. Also, your composition can change as many times as you want.

Everything moves easily.

Easy to create, easy to install. Choose a combination, or create your own.

Don't know where to start? Contact us.

Whether you are already an expert in String, or if your thing is to know all the details, this is your section.

Piece by piece, all the data of each one of them.

Predetermined solutions, so as not to break your head.

Get inspired by these combinations or find the right one for that space.

The "smallest" of the family, 15cm deep.

In 2004 after many years without being manufactured, Nisse creates String Pocket and relaunches production.

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