Castro Seis, Welcome Home

There are projects that are waiting to be created. They already exist, but only some know that they are for them. Arturo Muñoz and Francisco Frias found theirs in mid-2018.

With years of experience behind them in the world of Interior Design, Business Management and Fashion, they did not think twice when their opportunity appeared and they set to work to materialize an idea: to conceive a place to offer new products, exclusive objects and hard-to-access brands that were sure to surprise everyone who visited them. Their focus was also on discovering and offering the work of a selection of emerging artists with an affordable pieces that could work both individually and collectively, in order to help their clients build up an art collection.

The location was one of the key points when it came to materialize their idea. A mid-20th century Art Deco building in the center of A Coruña proved to be the ideal spot. An intense work of recovering the façade and the original ebony and olive floors of the imposing under the building, gave way to an interior architecture of minimalist and pure lines in which neutral colors and noble materials such as oak acquire an elegant protagonism.

The destiny wanted the street and the number of that place, Rosalía de Castro, number 6, to give name to their project: Castro Seis.

Little by little, the product selection was shaping the store we know today, a unique concept store in which home decor and design coexist perfectly, including pieces by HAY, Ferm Living, Moebe or Fundamental Berlin, with BAGGU handbags and Monograph accessories, just to name a few of the outstanding brands.

The bookshop is another of the strong points of the space, with titles by Taschen, Rizzoli and Phaidon to seduce fans of trends and image. Dog lovers also have their offer with the full collection of The Painter's Wife.

Finally, we can not fail to mention one of its star sections, perfumery and cosmetics, with a careful selection of brands ranging from Austin & Austin to Laboratory Olfattivo, through Claus Porto or Heeley.

In September 2018, Castro Seis opened its doors with an offer of fresh and vibrant lifestyle in constant change. A curious cabinet with a close and sophisticated selection. A space that reflects the good taste of its founders and is, in short, an invitation to feel at home. Welcome.

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