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Gabriella Crespi's Bohemian 72 collection brings together the designer's interest in natural materials, her fascination with stacked sculptural forms, and her curiosity about Eastern cultures and philosophies, honed over years of travel.

Gabriella Crespi originally designed Bohemian in 1972, and exactly 50 years after its original introduction, GUBI has reissued the collection previously only enjoyed by her private clients.

Rattan was chosen as the material, not only for its versatility and durability, but also because it was considered the most elegant and sophisticated material in social circles at the time Crespi designed Bohemian 72. However, her decision to use repetitive layers of rattan wound vertically was unusual for the time and results in a very luxurious, distinctive and timeless version of this type of furniture.

Bohemian 72 cushions are made of foam with a final wadding and its upholstery, which can be removed for better cleaning, is made with a selection of fabrics specially designed to be used outdoors.

Furthermore, its 115º incline backrest invites the user to lie down and relax.

You can find Bohemian 72 in the following upholsteries:

  • Libera by Dedar: 100% polypropylene.

          Libera is designed for intensive use both indoors and outdoors using an innovative yarn to create a dense, soft and textured fabric. Libera, is highly lightfast, mildew resistant and can withstand repeated deep cleaning.

  • Linee by Enzo Degli Anguioni: 100% polypropylene.

      Refined, comfortable and practical, Linee is made from Italian yarns and designed for high performance in outdoor spaces. Linee can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun and is resistant to mold, mildew and dust, making it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Special Diagonal Bouclé by Dedar: 73% Trevira CS, 27% Polyester.

      Classic, understated and practical, this durable bouclé fabric features a look and texture created by a lightweight twill weave pattern. Perfectly suitable for curved sofas and armchairs, Special Diagonal Bouclé is extra resistant and perfect for leisure areas.

  • Chevron Outdoor by Dedar: 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate.

Sophisticated and high-performing, Chevron Outdoor is a contemporary reinvention of the 1970s zig-zag pattern. Chevron Outdoor is highly lightfast, mildew resistant and can withstand repeated deep cleaning.

Bohemian 72 is made to order and the estimated delivery time is 3 to 6 weeks

Rattan, foam, wadding, fabric upholstery
Gabriella Crespi, 1972
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