Traveler's Company



The stationery items made of brass by Traveler’s Company are designed to be functional, durable, easy to transport and above all useful, perfectly following the brand's philosophy.

All Traveler’s Company writing tools are made in an old press factory located in Japan.

The Traveler’s Company’s brass pen consists of two parts: A brass housing, which acts as a lid, and the iron and wood pen holder.

This classic design allows the pen to be inserted into the brass housing when we are not using it, thus facilitating its storage and transport. In addition, the upper part of the brass support has a piece designed to be able to hang it from our key ring, or strap, if necessary.

Over time the brass will age, which deepens the color of the pen in addition to giving character to the material itself.

The ink of this pen is black and replaceable, for this you can use Trc Brass Ballpoint Pen Refill or Ohto N-705NP.


Data sheet

Brass, iron and wood
Opened 14cm, closed 9,9cm