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Eclipse by Tilen Sepič is a wall lamp that can be adjusted manually by moving its frame closer to or further from the wall.

When Eclipse is not in use, it is a minimalist wooden circle. A decorative design piece that is anchored by a solid brass rod.

When Eclipse is in use, it provides a play of light and shadows similar to an eclipse, and the intensity of the light source is adjustable by means of a remote control that allows turning on, off and regulating the intensity and brightness of the light source, also managing four preconfigured environments.

Eclipse is handcrafted in limited units of turned beech wood.

The LED circle reflects off the wooden structure creating a warm and diffuse lighting with enough power to illuminate a medium-sized room.

Eclipse includes a built-in 30W non-replaceable LED with an estimated life of 50,000 hours.

Eclipse includes a 3 meter transparent cable, thus achieving an invisible effect once installed on the wall.

You can find Eclipse in various colors.

Eclipse is made to order and the estimated delivery time is 4 to 8 weeks.

Tilen Sepič

Data sheet

Beech, Brass
PVC, 300cm
Light Bulb
Built in LED 30W (2900K)
Tilen Sepič