Because every space, every room and every little corner opens up to a thousand different possibilities, at CASTRO SEIS we develop personalized interior design projects attending to your particular needs. We offer partial or comprehensive solutions, advising you on the decoration and furnishing of your home, your workplace or any type of environment. For this, the main thing is to understand how you are going to live that space, what you like and what use you are going to give it, so that our team concentrates all its energy, its knowledge and its work in every detail to end up making it a unique place for you.


After understanding your needs, the next step focuses on finding those objects, decorative details and furniture that will become part of your day to day. In a very close monitoring process and constant communication with the client, we will focus on a wide catalog of very varied brands, contemporary pieces but with timeless aesthetics, Nordic style but with all the warmth, to create modern, comfortable and functional. Our specialty is interior design and our starting point is the firm commitment to good quality, sustainable and differentiating design.

Finally, after this search process, we will present you with a personalized proposal, adapted 100% to your needs and your lifestyle. A meticulous and detailed project in which every detail is projected to be able to evaluate it, contrast it effectively and finish defining the last nuances. Our commitment is to satisfy your needs and continue creating unique spaces full of personality, which last over time in a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

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