• &Tradition


    Founded in 2010 by Kombek Hansen, &Tradition, is a brand of furniture, lighting and design objects.

    The &Tradition collection perfectly mixes the past with the present and the union of the best designers of the last century together with the most prominent designers of today, resulting in a world of distinctive, high-quality pieces.

  • 101 Copenhaguen

    101 Copenhaguen

    Founded in Denmark in 2017 by Tommy Hyldahl, 101 Copenhagen was born with the need to create objects and lighting that embrace craftsmanship, quality and timeless design for the Scandinavian lifestyle.

  • Anna Kövecses

    Anna Kövecses

    Anna Kövecses is a Hungarian-born artist who lives between a small coastal town in Cyprus and the Hungarian border.

  • Après Ski

    Après Ski

    Après Ski is the line of accessories of Lucía Vergara, a designer based in Barcelona that after working for Lydia Delgado and Ailanto, and without forgetting her collaborations with both companies, launched her own collection in 2009.

    Après Ski is a brand that identifies with the vintage aesthetic, original, special and unique look, and so most of her pieces are actually born of old materials, from the 40s to 80s. Golden brass and resin pieces, beads or antique fabrics found in Europe and intervened for their design and hand-glazed, all with craftsmanship, offering a look between the naive and romantic, casual and modern, always in limited editions. 

    The inspiration for Après Ski focuses mainly on the fauna and flora of Nature, geometric designs and universe, discovering their own history behind each necklace, bracelet, scarf or purse.

  • Assouline


    Assouline was founded in the mid-1990s by Prosper and Martine Assouline.

    Assouline was born as one of the most luxurious publishers on the market, offering books that focus on telling the stories of exclusive brands, locations and products.

  • Austin Austin

    Austin Austin

    Austin Austin was founded by Richard and Bessie, father and daughter. Richard has been working with organic producers since 1979 and Bessie comes from working in advertising. The commitment of this company is to produce products of the highest quality and good looking without compromising the final price. All their products are certified, their containers are made from recycled plastic and all products are vegan.



    BAGGU is the famous American brand, based in California, which makes reusable trend bags. Its high functionality, its fabrics with environmental awareness and the practicality of being able to put them in the washing machine again and again make this brand a must.

  • Berit Mogensen Lopez

    Berit Mogensen Lopez

    Berit Mogensen Lopez is a Danish artist whose works move between art and design.

    Her numerous works of her -collage and painting- are recognizable by the use and expression of color.

  • Bon Parfumeur

    Bon Parfumeur

    Bon Parfumeur was founded in 2017 by Ludovic Benneton, former digital director of Yves Rocher, and consists of 18 perfumes numbered from 001 to 902 each made up of three key ingredients that define the color of their label in a simple method to differentiate each olfactory family.

  • Broste Copenhaguen
  • Can Family
  • Claus Porto

    Claus Porto

    Claus Porto has its origins in the Portugal of 1887. It is moved by three keys: tradition, history and sense of innovation. This is perceived in the craft process making of  their products and the care they put in their corporate image and packages. All its products are made with 100% natural ingredients.

  • D.S. & DURGA
  • Ferm Living

    Ferm Living

    Ferm Living is the brand of Scandinavian furniture and accessories created by Trine Andersen, graphic designer, who discovered more than 12 years ago that there was no wallpaper with a good design, at an affordable price. During all this time it has been evolving in its creations and positioning itself as one of the most recognized Danish brands.

  • Fundamental Berlin

    Fundamental Berlin

    Fundamental Berlin was born from Gunnar and Stephen who met while studying architecture in Berlin. Their designs, which they explain in a 5-point manifesto, are developed based on the fascination they feel for the mathematics of nature, their beliefs about spaces and things that surround us.

  • Geodesis


    Geodesis was born in 1996 by Norbert Hiblot and his wife. They have a collection of fragrances that evoke that plant, flower, fruit or tree that we quickly associate with a region of the planet. That is the essence of Geodesis. Known for its know-how that guarantees subtle fragrances and high quality products thanks to its collaboration with renowned perfumers for more than 20 years.

  • GUR


    GUR son alfombras típicas portuguesas creadas de la manera tradicional por artesanas locales en las que, a través de la idea de su fundadora Célia, se traducen las creaciones de los mejores artistas e ilustradores.

  • Haeckels
  • HAY


    HAY is the Danish brand that was born in 2002 by the hand of Mette and Rolf Hay with the ambition to create objects and furniture that meet the needs of modern life. Its mission is to strive to make a good design available to the majority of the public. They have pieces that are already part of the story, such as the Kaleido trays, the Sowden designs and the Palissade chairs and benches that are part of the most emblematic parks in the world. HAY is encouraged to return to the design of the Danish furniture of the 50s and 60s, but in a contemporary context.

  • Heeley


    James Heeley, graphic and furniture designer, launches his first perfume in 2006. His obsession with the tradition of French perfumery is remarkable in all his creations. All perfumes are designed for women and men, are unisex, and is one of the few houses that maintain their independence, the freedom of creativity, both in the aromas and in the image of the brand.



    Marie Baudet is a French illustrator based in Paris, her work is inspired by everyday life and the different places she has visited.

  • James Wilson

    James Wilson

    James Wilson is an English artist. His work takes inspiration from nature and human shape. Simple strokes and warm colors against the saturation of everyday life.

  • Kristina Dam

    Kristina Dam

    Kristina Dam, architect and graphic designer, creates the studio that bears her name in 2012 developing projects at the same time that she creates furniture and objects that are perfectly defined with her description, sculptural and Nordic minimalism. Simple materials with the mission to merge art and interior design.

  • Laboratorio Olfattivo

    Laboratorio Olfattivo

    Laboratorio Olfattivo was born in 2009 by Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago, and their passion for niche perfumes. Roberto, creative director of the brand, has put together the most eclectic noses of the perfume scene for the creation of LO fragrances. All his creations are perfume water, since it is considered the best way to appreciate the olfactory quality of pure ingredients.

  • Lagrima Studio

    Lagrima Studio

    Maria Joana Duarte founded this ceramic craft workshop in 2015 after finishing her studies in fashion. Lagrima Studio produces utilitarian pieces with a visual aesthetic that takes reference from the Portuguese architecture and landscaping.

  • Laura Nielsen

    Laura Nielsen

    Laura Nielsen is a graphic designer and illustrator from Copenhagen, although she currently lives in Nottingham, UK.

  • Laurie Maun

    Laurie Maun

    Laurie Maun is a textile designer of English nationality, although the specialty of Laurie resides in the textile is considered a multidisciplinary artist. His artistic vision focuses on the relationship of colors, shapes and textures mostly in abstract form. The works of Laurie are serene and warm and always deepen in the pastel colors.

  • Léa Morichon
  • Markberg
  • MD Paper
  • MENU


    Menu is one of the most recognized brands in the contemporary world of Danish design.

    Its philosophy and products are based on pieces with simple lines and high quality materials.

  • Midori
  • Moebe


    MOEBE, Scandinavian design brand, is formed by a cabinetmaker and two architects who seek to produce and keep things simple, since the world is already complex enough. Designs with simple shapes that create intuitive and honest products.

  • Monk & Anna

    Monk & Anna

    Monk & Anna is a Dutch minimalist brand founded in 2015 that makes a variety of things for the desk, the living room, the bathroom and various accessories for day to day. In their words "with an eye on small details, our products are stories by themselves".

  • Monograph


    Monograph flows under the slogan of products for entrepreneurs and everyday creative thinkers with the mission to help highlight your inner creativity. This Danish brand defines its products as effective solutions due to their functionality and at the same time they are part of the decoration of the space.

  • Nao Tatsumi

    Nao Tatsumi

    Nao Tatsumi is a Japanese painter based in Japan, and her work is inspired by everyday places and moments.

  • New Works

    New Works

    Founded in 2005 under the hand of Nikolaj Meier and Knut Bendik Humlevik, New Works, as its name suggests, was born as a space to create new designs and pieces of the home.

  • Normann Copenhagen
  • Norr11
  • Northern


    Northern was founded in 2005, in Norway, with the aim of creating lighting systems and lamps. During its early years the company focused exclusively on the design and production of these products.

    Under its brand motto "create and inspire," Northern has managed to position itself as a pioneer design brand. Its lamps are created by designers, and creators of trends and innovation, from around the world, resulting in quality lighting, sustainable and excellent Nordic design, created to improve the quality of ambient light.

    Currently the brand has a wide catalog of furniture and accessories, as well as lighting.

    Northern products are characterized by their creativity, quality and solid craftsmanship. They are made of last generation materials. The design of each product of the brand is inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, in turn its products are humorous, of intense colors and are full of details giving them their distinctive character.

    One of Northern's many quality seals is that each lamp is mounted manually.

  • Octaevo


    Octaevo is the brand, created by the creative director Marcel Baer, ​​of Mediterranean inspiration that creates products for the desk and the home. Their designs are produced with the best quality and in collaboration with carefully selected suppliers, craftsmen and creatives.

  • Paper Collective

    Paper Collective

    Paper Collective brings together designers, artists and illustrators to create inspiring and iconic prints and graphic products while promoting charities, as 15% of Paper Collective profits go to these types of causes.

  • Phaidon


    Phaidon was created in Vienna, in 1923, by Bela Horovitz and Ludwig Goldscheider. It owes its name to Phaedo of Elis, in German Phaidon, disciple of Socrates and part of one of the Plato's dialogues. Phaidon works with the most influential artists, chefs, writers and thinkers to produce innovative books on art, photography, design, food and travel architecture.

  • Rizzoli


    Rizzoli was born in 1964 on Fifth Avenue in New York, next to emblematic stores such as Tiffanys, Saks and Cartier. But it was not until ten years later that it established itself as the emblematic publisher that it is today, a leader in many fields such as fashion, interior design, cooking, art, architecture and photography.

  • Roda


    Roda is a Spanish artist with a very own and recognizable style. Geometric lines and primary colors inspired by Spanish folklore.

  • Seletti
  • Skagerak
  • Studio Paradissi

    Studio Paradissi

    Behind this name, Studio Paradissi, stands the architect, interior designer and blogger (My Paradissi) Eleni Psyllaki.

  • Studio Roof
  • Taschen


    Taschen is a German publishing house founded in Cologne in 1980 by Benedikt Taschen who, at the early age of 12 years, started in the business selling comics to later make their own editions. Nowadays it has become one of the best publishing houses in the world.

  • Thames & Hudson
  • Tilen Sepič
  • Toino Abel

    Toino Abel

    Toino Abel has become an icon of Portuguese basket weaving. Nuno has given a new aesthetic vision to this artisanal process that has carried in his family the last five generations without compromising its realization in a sustainable way.

  • Traveler's Company
  • We Are Out of Office

    We Are Out of Office

    We are out of office is composed by a duo of Dutch illustrators, their colorful illustrations take inspiration from the world of Asian packaging.