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Delivery is 8 to 12 weeks
  • Oak Hallingdal 220
  • Beech Atlas 931
  • Walnut Atlas 931
  • Walnut Hallingdal 220
  • Beech Hallingdal 220
  • Beech Remix 266
  • Beech Re-Wool 198
  • Oak Re-Wool 198
  • Oak Re-Wool 408
  • Walnut Re-Wool 648
  • Beech Re-Wool 648
  • Walnut Re-Wool 758

The Arbour sofa by Andreas Engesvik and Daniel Rybakken for HAY is based on the concept that design must follow construction.

Following this idea, Arbour is assembled from separate components that have been produced independently, thus achieving comfort, quality and efficiency throughout the whole.

The seat and cushions are made in carefully balanced proportions, with identical side cushions that create a sense of harmony and offer the opportunity for multiple comfortable seating or lying positions, while the structure creates a strong and elegant profile with a architectural quality.

With its logical construction and uncluttered design language, Arbour fuses a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic with high comfort and great durability.

Arbour, in its ECO version, has the Nordic Swan ecolabel in the European market, as it is made with FSC-certified wood, lacquered with respectful water-based products and upholstered with an eco-responsible seal.

Available with different eco-labeled upholstery options such as:

  • Atlas: 90% wool, 10% wool
  • Hallingdal: 70% new wool, 30% nylon
  • Remix: 90% virgin wool, 10% nylon
  • Re-Wool: 45% recycled wool, 45% virgin wool, 10% nylon

Arbour is made to order and the estimated delivery time is 8 to 12 weeks.

For more upholstery options you can contact us at hello@castroseis.com

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Daniel Rybakken & Andreas Engesvik, 2020
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